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Letting Go

Intense Pain Exposed, pt. 2

One of the most powerful experience I’ve had as a therapist was written up in a post called Intense Pain Exposed. It’s definitely worth a read or a re-read. In a nutshell, it’s the fascinating and powerful story of a client who bought a gun to kill himself over pain he had carried for over [more…]

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NYC 9/11 Firefighter Gets Fast PTSD Relief

I have a client who was a firefighter in New York City for seventeen years, and he was on the job when the World Trade Center towers went down on September 11, 2001. And of course he gave me permission to tell you these details… He has since retired and moved down to the Pensacola [more…]

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Clients Can Read!

Several months ago, a client came in and said she could focus enough to actually read for the first time in years. Then more recently, another client said the exact same thing. These are both very intelligent people who absolutely know how to read, learning when they were young just like the other kids at their [more…]

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Client Teaches Fiancé To Release!

I got the most awesome voicemail from a client recently. He told me how his fiancé was stressed out and upset, and he taught her how to release those feelings. It ended with her going from tears to having a huge smile on her face in no time flat. Bravo! The coolest thing is that [more…]

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Young Client Teaches Mom How To Release!

I have a female client who is in middle school. I definitely don’t work with young children, but I’ve been testing the waters with younger and younger people to see if they can grasp what I teach – feelings and thoughts, feelings and thoughts, feelings and thoughts. This particular client had some stressful things going [more…]

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Anger Management… check!

A client “got it” after just our fourth weekly session, reporting the good news in our fifth. That’s one month of his life of learning a new way to live, practicing it, returning to discuss, practicing more, returning to discuss more, etc. Wash Rinse Repeat. And he was forever changed now – he had simply [more…]

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Intense Pain Exposed, pt. 1

In the realm of feeling and emotion, this is one of the most powerful things you can read. In other words, if you are a human, this might be very helpful… I recently had a client who had been molested by his grandfather, whom he had idolized, when he was five or six years old. [more…]

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All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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