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The God Post

NOTE: If you’re here to check me out as a potential counselor, this might or might not be a good measuring stick of what you’ll find, depending on your beliefs. I love to write about my take on “deep stuff,” but I’m an excellent and effective counselor for an atheist, too! I do my best to teach facts about our thoughts and feelings that alone can change your life, and you don’t usually get it in a counselor’s office. Such is that state of counseling now, lots of theories that may or may not help you. I prefer facts when possible. There are all kinds of posts on this blog, so take a look around as you wish. Thanks for stopping by, and all the best to you whether we meet or not. Here we go…

So we’ve been talking about the idea that we might actually live in a neutral universe, meaning that all the judgments that we constantly – and largely unconsciously – put onto everything are simply our own unique creations and not The Truth. Then we talked about the cool exercise of viewing people as trees, which is along the same lines and really makes the point. And we talked about how neutrality means that there’s no ultimate good or bad. Which means that there’s no judge to decide ultimate good or bad. But what about what people call “God?” Isn’t that the ultimate judge of good and bad?? So basically, my own blog pulled one over on me and very smoothly Jedi’d me into writing about what God might mean and might not mean, totally unbeknownst to me. I’ve been trying to stay away from this! I’ve had HUGE shifts recently in this department, though, so the timing is absolutely perfect. And this is really why I’m here anyway. When I started this “work” as a therapist and blogger five years ago (YAY!), and even when I wrote the post about neutrality just a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea it would lead to this. It’s like if you’re playing chess and someone starts to work you into a corner several moves ahead. They know where it’s headed, but you don’t. And then you’re there. And that someone is the whole universe, or God. And it’s probably not the idea of God you’ve learned about in church (unless you go to Unity or something more like that).

And please know that this is simply the beginning of a discussion about the concept of God, the truth about what God really is, and of course any mis-truths about it. Let’s be super chill as we read this and just ponder it. You are in charge of your beliefs, and only you! So all is good, all is relaxed. The earth is still spinning just fine, and there’s no rush for anything. Just let things sink in if they want to sink in. It’s just the beginning of a discussion, not a finished product or idea, no big deal. Okay, let’s do this…

As I recently wrote, I left religion when I was 17, because while I saw some divine in it, I perceived that it was wrapped in way too much man made stuff. Or maybe we should say human made stuff? Actually, the women are probably happy to let the men be blamed for this, which they actually are largely responsible for. And yay, the Goddess is finally returning! Wait, enough men bashing… Anyway, I’ve had quite a journey since. That was 25 years ago. And yes, my genes and immaturity make me seem much younger than I am. And I drink lots of water, too. Health tips from Ashley! Probably not the best idea…

Fast forward to just a month or two ago, and what a journey it has been! I never could have imagined what’s been happening, and I feel like it’s just now getting to a good place to really take off, to be honest. And I’m talking strictly about my “level or consciousness” or inner peace. Everything else flows outward from that. And speaking of levels of consciousness and peace, I think those are just a direct result of how much of “what we really are” is coming through this temporary being called Ashley (or insert your own name). How much of the soul is coming through and how much is ego. And trust me, there’s still plenty of ego in this body! Hey, I am where I am. And it’s actually quite perfect, which I’m finally starting to see and not resist so much.

So recently I realized just how much baggage I had with the word “God.” I’ve known this for years, but I’ve recently seen it more deeply. There was just a deep sense of separation in what that word meant to me. And I know that this is only one person’s experience, my own! So I have no idea what yours is. But I saw that no matter what I tried to tell myself consciously, deep down God meant a being that was separate from me. And there was implicit judgment and fear associated with this being. And I was never even into the mean, insecure Old Testament God, either! Which is an example of making God in man’s image, by the way, as opposed to the other way around. I was consciously believing that there’s no such thing as separation, but I was not feeling and experiencing that. Folks, this conditioning is very deep and unconscious in many, many of us… All good, though, because we are starting to figure it all out!

So my friend and teacher that I’ve mentioned before, John Mark Stroud, said to just call God “All That Is” instead. Because it’s just a freaking word! Don’t let a certain combination of three letters of one random language derail you. That’s pretty weak… So “all that is” helped a lot and really got me started towards a new understanding. And I’m doing my best with this whole capitalization thing, by the way. Let’s not be too picky about that. After all, words are just pointers…

So then I listened to the book Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer, whom I just love, and he calls God “the creative source of the universe.” Which is not separate from its creations, by the way. So you can see that we’re hammering away at this idea of separation and moving into Oneness. Or oneness, ha. There’s the capitalization thing again… And remember that the quantum physicists did the same thing almost one hundred years ago! And we’re still teaching separation to our children. It’s shifting, but as I’ve said before, this can be like turning the Titanic. But it’s happening. Even science obliterated the idea of true, 100% separation I think in the 1920’s. True separation does not, and cannot, exist in this universe. Let that sink in for a moment… (And know that it’s very good news)

So fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago, and the book Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani has BLOWN ME AWAY! Wow….. I’ve been listening to it on Audible like I did Wishes Fulfilled, and I just finished it this morning as I’m writing this. And I’ve been sending it to just about everyone I can think of. Audible lets you text or email a free copy to friends. The app is super convenient, too. I’m sure I’ll be writing about this particular book in much more detail soon, so let’s just give a little bit of background. It’s one of the more detailed and amazing near death experiences (NDEs) to date, coupled with being one of the most miraculous cancer comebacks. As in, a true medical/scientific miracle. From knocking on death’s door, body totally done, and actively dying, to slipping into a coma and experiencing the true magnificence of what she is (and you and me, too, right now!), to making a total comeback. And in record time, too. That might be the most inexplicable part to modern medical science. They kept testing her for cancer cells and she kept saying not to bother because it’s gone. And they were thinking the machines were broken since the cancer had left her body so quickly. And she had been full of tumors the size of lemons just a few weeks prior! The doctors said it was impossible that the cancer had left that fast, and other oncologists have since verified the medical records. The other cool thing is that she knew things she could not have known, like a conversation her husband had with a doctor while she was in a coma. But they were not in the same room, and they were out of earshot, and she even knew which doctor it was (there were many doctors that saw her). And there’s more that she knew as well. So for a skeptical type, this is very, very rich.

So how does this play into our discussion of what “God” might really mean? Speaking from my own journey, or course… We’ve gone from a being that’s separate from me that might or might not judge me, but for some reason I sure judge myself and feel fear and guilt regardless! And we’ve moved to “all that is” and “the creative source of the universe,” which is not separate from its creations. So it’s really the same as “all that is.” Remember, these are just words doing their best to point to meaning. And then we come to what Anita discovered and experienced: “And then I was overwhelmed by the realization that God isn’t a being, but a state of being… and I was now that state of being!” Are you starting to see – and perhaps feel – what a major shift this is? I can only speak from my experience, but it’s hard to explain how profound this has been for my self concept. For many, many years, I’ve believed consciously that we are not our body but rather something huge and awesome that animates it. Call it the soul or whatever. But unconsciously, I’ve totally believed the opposite! My body tells me all the time when I’m thinking I’m small. If I KNEW that I were infinite, eternal, and pure love, which is what Anita experienced, then I wouldn’t get triggered all the time. My buttons wouldn’t get pushed. In fact, I doubt there would even be any buttons to get pushed! We’ll be getting into this in far more detail in the future, because it’s just now coming into focus how my work is shifting. But here’s a summary for now: it’s all about what you truly believe yourself to be: big or small, soul/spirit or body, etc. – and everything else is merely an effect of that. Done. So we will be talking very specifically in future writings about what that looks like for us here on earth.

Well, that’s enough for now, folks. This represents the beginning of the next phase of the work that I’ll be doing. And if it’s a bit clunky, please cut me some slack! This stuff isn’t always easy to talk about, and you know that I’m always doing my best. And this is brand new for me, too. I’ll continue to get out of the way more and more and just let it come through. And what’s coming through me is equal in essence to what is inside of you right now. There are no levels; it’s just how much is coming through. Let that sink in! And that includes all the great ones of this time and before – they are not any better than you truly are right now. So take these words in and see if it’s perhaps good news regarding your concept of God. Perfect love with absolutely NO judgment, which we’ll be talking about soon, sure sounds like an upgrade… And if you find yourself feeling triggered right now or defending a version of God from a path you’ve been on, that’s fine, too! But if you get honest and don’t truly KNOW, then you might want to drop into “show me the money” attitude. And I highly, highly, highly recommend reading and/or listening to Dying To Be Me. It answers SO many questions. It’s all right there, clearly explained. And no beliefs, but rather experience. Let’s leave the world of beliefs behind. And it’s just her experience, but if you look into this type of thing, you’ll find lots of similarities in different people’s stories. And it’s generally very, very good news. Because it means you’re innocent, right now. Despite all the reasons you think you might be guilty. Also relax and give it some time. There’s no rush at all. Let things shake out a bit. Just “chop wood and carry water” for now, as I think the Buddhists have said. We’ll be talking much more about this, I’m sure. I’ve always thought it was going to be in another blog called A Deep Mind, but I’m starting to wonder now. I don’t really want two blogs anyway, because I have enough trouble keeping up with one while still maintaining my social life. And there’s only one truth, whatever it is. So we might as well talk about it in once place. Thanks for reading, and I send you love on your journey of discovering what you already are.

All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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