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The Slow Way Is The Fast Way

I’ve found myself saying this a lot this year, “Just let 2018 be about [insert whatever we were talking about, usually loving what arises or understanding that the universe is always happening for our soul’s growth – and note that I definitely do not understand why super awful stuff happens].” So we relax and let [more…]

Happy Easter 2018, Part 2

Am I the only one that loves smashing avocados with a fork? I’m at one of my many regular coffee shops, because I’m fairly extroverted and often like being around people, at least to start the day. I like the vibrancy of these places (plus the coffee). So I’m here having breakfast and writing this. [more…]

The Saviors Are Here!

Everybody is pretty much tired of school shootings and massacres. And in the brief time since I first started writing this post, we’ve had the Austin bombings. And another school shooting in Maryland. In a matter of weeks! I mean, what is wrong with us??? I guess I’d better start cranking these things out faster. [more…]

Another Easter Post – About YOU!

Hello 🙂 Before we get started, I wrote the Easter Post, Part 2 a week after this one to really simplify and clarify things, so definitely check that out if you feel to, maybe even first. They just came out in this order… Okay, enjoy! I wrote about the current meaning of Easter two years ago, but [more…]

You Don’t Have To Like It To Love It

We talk a lot here about loving what arises, which has become the cornerstone of my work and of my life. And it’s becoming the cornerstone of the lives of many of you and others across the world as well. I learned all this from Matt Kahn, for whom I am very grateful. A super [more…]

The Burn

I’ve talked about The Burn a good bit lately, but I wanted to have a separate post for other posts to link to, since it’s becoming so fundamental to our journey. So please accept my apologies if this is redundant. But it’s very important! And it can save you lots of time and pain. Plus, [more…]

The Essential Shift (To The Blame-Free Zone)

In a recent post called Another Spilled Smoothie, we talked about an essential shift. And know up front that this shift is some of the most advanced stuff you can do as a human. Spiritually speaking, this is WAY more advanced than crazy health stuff yoga stuff, chakra stuff, energy stuff, or whatever else there [more…]

Another Spilled Smoothie

You might remember the tale of when I spilled my breakfast smoothie as I was rushing out the door to work (How To Spill A Smoothie). And despite some old, outdated thinking trying to creep in, it did not turn out to be “one of those days.” Unless “one of those days” means paddleboarding on [more…]

16 Hours of Matt Kahn For $99!

You might remember me shouting from the rooftops last summer about Matt Kahn’s Feel Good Now retreat, on sale for $111 (I think that’s still good, by the way… do it!). This was a 5-day retreat in Portland, OR back in April 2017, and it’s hours and hours of talks that are designed to blow your [more…]

Notes: Matt Kahn Retreat, Sunday AM

Here’s the sixth and final installment of my notes from the Matt Kahn retreat in January. And my initial impressions are written up here in case you want some context. NOTE: He uses certain words interchangeably: the Universe, Source, Life, God, Light, the Divine. If you have any baggage with a certain word or words, [more…]

All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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