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Follow-up on Client & Psychic Medium

I recently wrote about a skeptical, non-woo-woo client that went to a psychic medium and had his mind very much blown, since she knew a ridiculous amount of stuff that she could not have possibly known (and that’s not on the internet, either). I wanted to give an update on how he’s doing, since life has forced his worldview to expand. That can be tough for people, unless they start to get comfortable living in “I don’t know.” And let’s face it, we really don’t know much of what we think we know. We believe. Big difference. And trust me, I’ve had plenty of pain in my life from thinking I know… Still working on that 🙂

I’ve seen him again since I wrote it up initially, so here we go with the update. I think he’s doing great, by the way, and what I did not expect was that he’s already been to another medium! He’s not a medium addict or anything; he just wanted another experience to help him figure this stuff out. More information. Smart move, I say. He thought the first one was more comprehensive, but the second one still nailed some stuff. But it’s not so much about facts that they know but rather what messages they have for us. “How can this help me in my life?” Here we go…

My message to him after the first time he went was to not try to figure it out or analyze it too much. Relaxing into it and just sort of breathing with it for a while tends to work better. Just let it sink in. And don’t be in a rush or have a time frame. No rush, no pressure. Just let it be. Get okay with not knowing. He said that what he experienced runs totally counter to everything he’s believed his whole life, and that can be a very big deal! So seeing me is helping to get him through this process more smoothly and with less pain. And I’m proud to say that he is kicking ass in that department, not even trying to understand what happened. He’s just sort of letting his mind be blown. And in the meantime, he’s seeing that this is totally okay! He continues to live as usual, and the earth is still spinning just fine. So he’s doing an excellent job of just being open and seeing that how he used to see things probably needs to be expanded in order to account for this. And it’s okay to live in peace and just let that unfold as it wants to. Great job, dude!

Now for the second medium he saw… The guy knew that his dad (deceased) had given him three rings. As my client said, “Not four, not two, but three. I don’t know how he knew that, but he did.” His dad and uncle liked to gamble, and they told him to buy some lottery tickets. I don’t remember if they said to buy three of them or not, but he bought three. And he never plays the lottery. So he bought three of them for $3 each. And what do you know? One of them was a winner. It paid $20, so he netted $11 overall. Now, I’ve never heard of this happening before, but it’s kind of cool. And I know it’s not exactly a tremendous amount of money, but it’s still cool. When most people buy any number of lottery tickets, they do not leave with more money than they came with. That’s just a fact, that’s just math. That’s why the lottery exists; it’s legal gambling. I’m sure people could use numerology or something like that to interpret the significance of the numbers, like 3 and any grouping of 1’s. Three has always had significance to the numerology folks, and the idea of Oneness is emerging more and more as the ultimate truth, ultimate reality. That we are all made of the same stuff. Some say that stuff is energy, some say it is love (and maybe that’s actually saying the same thing). And let’s not forget one of the messages of quantum physics – that the entire universe is connected. Literally. Now. You are connected, literally, to everything in the universe, now. What?? So cool. So who knows what’s up with the lottery tickets? And honestly, who cares, no big deal. If there’s meaning, I’ll stay open and let it come to me. I’ll take eleven bucks, though.

The good stuff to me is in regards to healing relationships. His dad said he really wanted him to heal his relationship with his mother, which has been strained for a long time. My client was also told that it’d be good if he were there whenever she dies (she’s elderly, but not actively dying or anything like that). This opened the door for us to do some forgiveness with his mom in our session, so I was psyched! Because I know how powerful this can be for our peace. Thanks, Dad… And know that forgiveness is not about condoning anything that she did; it’s about not holding onto it anymore, so that my client can be at peace. It’s not the snakebite that harms you, but rather the venom that courses through your veins after the bite. I think I heard Wayne Dyer say that. I love that guy, by the way. I’m writing this from the mountains of NC, and I started the audio version of his 2012 book Wishes Fulfilled on the drive up. The Audible app is super handy, by the way. The intro part of the book was 45 minutes long, and it’s amazing. He tells the tale of a miracle healing of Bell’s Palsy that took only four weeks, using the mind and our inherent power that we’ve been out of touch with for a long, long time. As we awaken to what we really are (and always have been), which is actually infinite and thus VERY powerful, these so-called “miracles” will be commonplace. Really! Okay, back to the story of forgiveness and healing with my client’s mom…

We also talked about him possibly writing her a letter or email. And here’s the thing, since it’s about HIS healing and releasing and cleansing, he doesn’t even have to send it! Just start it. And change it. And add. And subtract. It’s a living document, with no rules, so you have the green light for your heart to say anything it wants to. And the letter (or email) changes and morphs into exactly what it should be, again for YOUR healing. No rules, no time frame. Just show up and let it flow. Even if “Dear Mom” is all that comes out the first time you sit down with it, the process has started. And it can be very powerful. You might find yourself bringing up things that you didn’t even know were bothering you, or that you had forgotten about. So cool…

The other message that was cool was that his dad apologized for taking another family member’s side during a conflict many years ago. He said that he was now able to clearly see what had really happened, and that he had totally made a mistake. My client knew this the whole time, because the other family member had made up this whole story that was untrue, and his parents had taken her side. It can be nice to get confirmation, though. Also note that they do know the truth on the other side! Nothing is hidden, because there’s nothing to hide. Because we’re actually all innocent. And for those interested in Christianity, that’s the message of the story of the prodigal son, which my sources say is the story that Jesus told more often than any other. Interesting…

Isn’t this cool, people?? I’m just the middle man, passing on what I heard. And I LOVE the messages about healing our relationships. They also said that they love it over there, which they said the first time as well. So we have that going for us… Let me close by saying that for many of you, this is business as usual. For those that are experiencing some questions, though, because this does not fit with your worldview, I’d say first of all to just relax into it as best you can. The earth is still spinning just fine. Life goes on just fine. So there’s no pressure, no rush. Get a session for yourself if you want to. That’s what I do – just show up with no pre-conceived ideas and see for myself. Psychics, energy healing, acupuncture, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, you name it. Just do it if you have any curiosity at all and you feel to. Try to find someone with an excellent reputation, of course. Email me at acleanmind@gmail.com if you want me to pass on contact info. And regarding worldview, if you really take a look, maybe it’s fine to not know how things work. Maybe it’s even easier, in fact! Hey, that’s one less thing I have to be in charge of. Now there’s less on my plate. Maybe I’ll feel lighter and more free. And finally, maybe it’s even truer, since we probably don’t really know; we believe. And when we relax about it, that’s just fine. And then maybe the truth can actually find us.

All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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