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Skeptical Client’s Mind Blown By Psychic Medium

NOTE: This is GREAT for skeptical folks. And for many of you, this will be ho-hum, business as usual. Also skeptical is totally fine! Some skeptics are very closed minded, though. So be aware of that. It’s important to have an open mind, being honest with yourself when it’s time for your beliefs to shift. Or being honest with yourself when they are already shifting and you’ve been in resistance. Because it’s okay, as we will see. And be honest about this – do you really know how things work?? I sure don’t, and I sure thought I did! And science doesn’t really have a clue yet, by the way. Here we go…

I had an extremely cool session recently. My client told me that he’d had a reading with a psychic medium not long before, so I was intrigued. This woman told him things that she could not have known. Some of them, in fact, he didn’t even know; he verified them with relatives after the session. And she was right again. Also note that these are the types of things are not on the internet. Suffice it to say that his mind was blown, similar to how mine was the first time I had such an experience in 2003 or 2004. First let’s talk about the content of their session, and then let’s talk about the implications as well as how my client is feeling about all of this. Because his worldview is being forced to expand, and that can be scary. But at the end of the day, it’s all good. Very good. Actually, it’s necessary… Mine is expanding all the time. And I’m doing my best to learn how to let it expand smoothly rather than forcing Life to crack it open.

So my client did not give the woman his full name, but just his nickname and last initial. He’s not a “woo woo” type at all, so he wanted to be absolutely sure she couldn’t do some private investigator work on him before they met. When you meet these people, though, the ones that come highly recommended, you see that the thought of them being deceptive and trying to memorize facts about you from the internet is utterly ridiculous. They just have a gift, and they’re passing on information that they get. It’s up to you to interpret it. She opens up and translates to him what she sees. And here is some of what she saw.

She knew right away that he had a tattoo. Of an eagle. Which was under his clothing and could not be seen. Bam! She knew that he had had three surgeries in his abdomen. Bam! She knew that his heart had stopped once. He told me that there had been complications in one of the surgeries and that this had indeed happened. Bam! That was the appetizer, and then relatives started coming in. Also note that when we met, he didn’t have the notes he’d written down, so this is all just what he remembered. There’s more that won’t be written about here. You might find that this is enough to pique your interest, though. Because this really happened! And our worldview must expand to explain it. Fact. Back to the story…

A man came in that loved Telly Savalas (for you young’uns, he was an actor and singer that died in 1994). This did not ring a bell, but as she kept describing this man, it was clearly his uncle. He asked his sister later if their uncle liked Telly Savalas. And what did his sister say? Absolutely, he loved Telly Savalas! He even traveled to Las Vegas once to see him perform live. Bam! A woman came in that identified herself as his aunt. The medium said she had a poodle and smoked cigarettes like a chimney. And you know what? His aunt always had a poodle and smoked cigarettes like a chimney. Bam! The medium said his grandmother showed up, and the medium asked my client if his grandmother had a ring similar to the one she was wearing (which sounded a bit unique). He had no idea, so he asked some family members. And what was the answer? Again, it was yes. Bam!

Finally, let’s get to the main message that these folks had for my client. It’s all good over here on this side. All good. All. Good. Let that sink in for a moment, because it often doesn’t seem all good here on Earth. Trust me, I’ve had major issues with Earth and the setup here! I might write about that more, or maybe it’ll be more appropriate for my next blog, A Deep Mind, when I start that in like fifteen years. I actually do have the websites and all that, just waiting for the right time…

Also note that you are not separate from “the other side.” That’s part of the message. “Live your life as best you can and then we’ll see you when the time is right, and it’ll be quite the celebration. But we are here with you now, it’s just that most people are not very aware of it.” Look around, though, and people are waking up all over the place, in greater numbers than ever before. And if you start to ask people if they’ve had any “weird experiences,” they’ll start to tell you their stories. Trust me, because I started opening up a good while ago, and that’s exactly what happened. And now I find myself working in an office in which people tell me things they’ve never told anyone. So I’ve heard lots of these stories by now and will start sharing them more and more. I’ve been feeling that out here at this blog, if you can’t tell…

Back to the experience with the medium… What we have now is a bunch of stuff that this woman could not have known, unless it really is true that the world doesn’t work like I thought it did. This leads to how my client is feeling. I’ll know better when I see him next, but he was definitely in WTF? mode last time. And you know what? That’s normal! How on earth could he not be? Remember that our wisdom/common sense often normalizes how we feel. So if he were to check in and ask his good voice rather than the chatterbox about feeling unsure or off-kilter, it might say something like, “That’s totally normal and totally fine. Relax into this and give it some time. Just let it sink in. Keep doing your job and living as usual and just let things unfold.” So I helped to reaffirm this, and I’m excited to help him relax into an expanding worldview going forward. Or even just being okay with the WTF? feeling and letting it be and not worrying about it. Because that won’t help… And let’s face it, the earth is still spinning. He still has the same job, car, family, house, etc. There’s no need to freak out in actuality. Just relax into it, and I’m always here to help. And we will get out of the way and allow our worldviews to expand together.

All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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