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Client Teaches Fiancé To Release!

I got the most awesome voicemail from a client recently. He told me how his fiancé was stressed out and upset, and he taught her how to release those feelings. It ended with her going from tears to having a huge smile on her face in no time flat. Bravo! The coolest thing is that my client had read not even one hundred pages of The Sedona Method. I’ve written before about The Sedona Method and have mentioned it quite a bit in general here at A Clean Mind, whenever I talk about letting go or releasing. It’s just so useful and practical; essential material for a human to know, really. And the method is laid out in the first 50 pages. So he had read enough to do it. And of course he had learned how to do in his first session with me just like all of my clients. The book goes way deeper than I ever could, though. Suffice it to say that I was quite psyched to hear his voicemail. Here’s what happened…

They were expecting out of town friends, so they were cleaning up their house and getting it ready. Maybe time was tight or something, but they were a bit stressed out as they were doing this. Here at A Clean Mind we know very well that “stressed out” means ripe conditions for arguing, and lo and behold, what happened? They got into an argument. My client described it as one of their many “stupid, meaningless arguments” that aren’t about anything important at all. This is so classic, by the way, and it drives me crazy. A big part of my work is about eliminating petty, useless arguments. It’s so optional when you’ve had enough and are ready to learn about it and do something about it. Hmm, that wasn’t as bad a rant as I thought it was going to be! Back to the story…

So they were in this meaningless fight. Afterwards, he was aware that he was holding his anger and not letting it go. He had been reading and practicing, though, so he was up for the task. He was eventually able to let it go, and he felt much better. She was still holding it, though, and she started to cry. After some amount of crying, he was impelled to see if she could release it. He first asked her if she could just welcome and accept what she was feeling in that moment. She said she could. He then went through the basic releasing questions. He asked her if she could let it go, as in is it possible? She said yes. He asked her if she would let it go. That’s the invitation. She said yes. He said, “How about now?” She said yes and opened her eyes with a huge smile. Yes! She not only learned the nature of feelings that day, but she experienced it. And experience is what we’re after.

Needless to say, he was pretty pumped up about this. That’s when he called me and left that voicemail that in turn made me pretty pumped up. I love my job! It’s all about teaching and thus empowering people to learn how to live at peace. Yes, it’s a learnable thing. It’s nice if you’re born that way, but most of us simply aren’t. Becoming totally at peace generally doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t take long to get validation that this stuff works… if you’re ready. And if you’ve read much of the material here at A Clean Mind or other similar material, then question answered – you’re totally ready! To my client, I say great job and keep it up. To his fiancé, whom I’ve only met once, I say keep it up – what a great thing to learn about. Do you realize how much smoother your life will be if you keep learning and practicing?? And to you who are reading this, I say good luck, kick ass, and let me know if I can help. I know that many of you are well on your way already, and I applaud your efforts. On behalf of all humans, we thank you! It makes the whole world a better place.

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All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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