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Emotion As Color In Your Body

Here’s a nice tool that might help keep emotion from ruling you – view it as color. This can help you zoom out and see the bigger picture when you’re stuck in the middle of it, like when you’re really angry or really sad. First, imagine your body as clear. That’s when you’re at peace. [more…]


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What Pushes Your Buttons?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Push my buttons.” This is when we have a strong emotional reaction. Usually we don’t like when our buttons are pushed. We should, though. Really? That sounds like crazy talk! Why on earth should we like when someone or something pushes our buttons? Because if we look deeply and without [more…]

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I Don’t Care How I Feel!

I have a different view of feelings than many people, and I’ve talked about it a lot on this blog. That’s because understanding feelings (and thus not making a big deal out of them) is so important to being at peace. When you experience for yourself that feelings are nothing more than nameless, temporary energy [more…]


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Let Go And Laugh At Yourself

An essential thing for being able to let go and flow downstream with life is to be willing and able to laugh at yourself. Like most of what we talk about here at A Clean Mind, all it takes is practice. I certainly still have room for improvement in this area, but who cares? It [more…]

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What If You Were Going To Die Soon?

This one has been around a while, but not many people actually do it. Just ask yourself if you were going to die soon, what would jump way up on your priority list? I’d say go ahead and take care of that list. Then you can enjoy your life more. I was reminded of this [more…]


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Tell Yourself: “This Has Happened”

It’s nice to have some simple things you can do and tell yourself to help you have peace when things go south. As soon as something bad happens, a great way to make sure you’re accepting life rather than resisting it is to tell yourself right away, “This has happened.” That simple statement snaps us out [more…]

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Four Powerful Words… CTFO!

Over the years, I’ve done lots of work in the realm of the “spiritual” or personal growth or expansion or whatever you might to call it. I’ve studied with some pretty cool teachers, both in person and from their books, audio, video, etc. All I was ever going for was peace. This all started because [more…]

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All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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