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Everything Is Here To Help You: Book Preview!

First of all, this is not my book, not yet anyway. And hey, I totally wish it were! In due time, for sure… I was contacted not long ago my someone that Matt Kahn (or Hay House) hired to promote Matt’s upcoming book, Everything Is Here To Help You. She found my blog and sent [more…]

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Book: The Surrender Experiment

I’m writing today to heartily recommend a book called The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer. He also wrote The Untethered Soul, which many of you are already familiar with. I’m sure I’ll be writing about that here in the future. Both are amazing, and they fit together like puzzle pieces. Today we’ll start with The Surrender [more…]

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All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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