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The Sedona Method

To sum up this post right away, buy a book called The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin and start reading. You might also like the movie they made called Letting Go. It gives you a pretty good idea of what this is all about in just over an hour. Basically, we’re talking about letting go of what you’re carrying and holding onto. They also call it “releasing.” It’s amazing and extremely powerful. It’s incredibly simple – deceptively simple, in fact. The results my clients have been having with this have been blowing me away. The results in my own life have blown me away as well. Everything I teach and recommend, by the way, I have to do first. This way I know firsthand that it works. If it’s not simple and powerful, I’m generally not that interested. The best of the best is what we’re after here at A Clean Mind.

Releasing is subtle, so it can take some practice, but when it clicks and you “get it,” you realize that you can’t be as stressed out as before – you’ve learned too much about the nature of feeling in the body. You’ve learned that you’ve been doing the standard suppression and expression of feelings and stress, and this doesn’t work. Well, it works to screw things up and make life harder than it needs to be, but we don’t want that anymore – we’ve been there and done that. Now you know how to feel and to release.

Dwoskin lays out the five methods for releasing within the first fifty pages, so at that point you’re ready to start doing it. The rest of the book deepens this process. But after that first part, you’re ready to begin. This alone can greatly change your life – no joke. Just do it. This is exactly the type of thing we could teach young people, and I’m looking into that now, but we really don’t right now. We’re great at flying into space and making iPads, and I love my iPad, but we don’t understand the nature of feeling in the body. I have no problem with this – I’m just saying it’s where we are right now. We end up carrying so much, and then it distorts our lives in a negative way. Now you have another option.

How did I come to discover The Sedona Method? Around 2005, I learned from a spiritual teacher named Gangaji that when we feel feelings directly, meaning without a story or words in between, they’re not so bad. We can go on about our day. Sometimes we even find there’s nothing really there – we were blowing it way out of proportion. Or we find that rage or sadness or fear really boils down to a set of sensations in the body like tension in the head and tightness in the shoulders and chest. That’s not as intimidating as “rage” or “sadness” or “fear.” It’s been reduced to what it was the whole time – nameless energy in the body. We breathe into it and relax those areas, and it lightens up at least enough for us to see that it’s okay for it to be there. And we go on about our day. And it can leave when it wants. Sometimes it leaves right away, too. But we can’t expect that…

Anyway, a friend was asking me about my work when I first started seeing clients. As I told him about this radically simple and powerful way of handling feelings, i.e. just feel them without words, he said, “That sounds like The Sedona Method.” I got the book, read it, and he was right! And not only that, but they’re much better at explaining it than me. They’ve been doing this for decades now. I had already been telling my supervisor that I needed another way of explaining this to my clients. It was so simple that they weren’t all getting it. “Feel your feelings” wasn’t getting through as well as I knew it could. I had actually come to call it “letting go,” which is synonymous with “releasing.” So I was very happy to now have a book that thoroughly explains this. I sell them to clients in my office for $12. It’s a prerequisite, in fact.

So there you go – you now have a choice besides suppressing and expressing. This works great with stress, too, which is huge. Stress is normal. Not a problem. If you learn how to handle it, that is. This book will teach you that. Enjoy, and let me know if I can help. It can take a bit of practice to get used to it, and it is subtle, but when you get it it’s incredible. Walk lighter. Carry less. Very cool…

NOTE: I’ve heard a bit of concern from some people who were looking into The Sedona Method online and didn’t like the vibe of the marketing or the fact that the author was featured in the movie The Secret. In many respects, I agree! But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. I’m talking about reading a book and seeing a movie. Powerful. I don’t see how doing one or both of those things could not change you for the better – if you then go out and apply it in your life as things come up. This is all about letting go of what you’re carrying, understanding the nature of feelings so they’re no longer a hindrance, and not resisting life. Accepting it. It’s a different way to live than the way most of us learn. And it’s much smoother. So while these concerns are valid, I’d look right past them. There’s just so much to be learned from this approach. So much. Enjoy!

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All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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