Just Try It!

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Last week, I wrote about talking nicely to yourself. This can literally change your life in no time flat. Really. It can be a MAJOR game changer, so this is a fairly gentle reminder to try this out. Just try it out. For two weeks. Two weeks. What do you have to lose? I’ll tell you what you […]

Talk Nicely… To Yourself

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Hi folks! Today I’m going to attempt a shorter blog post. It hit me that that might be the answer to how to stay in touch and keep the convo going while working so much. There’s just too much to talk about and lately it hasn’t been happening (due to work and wanting to chill […]

Hello Again

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Hi folks! It’s good to be back… Hopefully it lasts… I’ve been really busy since the new year started, and I’ve chosen to chill when not working. There’s lots to say, though, and I really love writing this blog, so hopefully that will even out in the future. I think it will. I had a […]