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October, 2013

R. E. S. P. E. C. T

Aretha Franklin said it so well, and so did my friend recently. I hadn’t seen him in quite a while, and we ran into each other. I told him I’d heard that he and his family are moving far away pretty soon. He’s a housing contractor and does very high quality work. He’s made a [more…]

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The Diamond

They say that cats have nine lives. Well, the diamond you’re about to get to know has at least two. Note for fact-checkers: It could’ve been a diamond engagement ring, but I think it was just the diamond itself (definitely to be used in an engagement ring, though). It’s been a little while since the [more…]

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“It’s Okay”

A client recently came in for her second session. During the first session, I could see a ton of potential in terms of her “getting it.” This is because she was totally doing it to herself (like most of us) by listening to the voice in the head and carrying lots of old stuff. If [more…]

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All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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