Gently Joyous Lessons

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I think I’ve mentioned Carrie Triffet before here. Or maybe not? Either way, she’s a badass. If you’re at all interested in the idea of Oneness and what that might look like as a living, breathing spiritual practice today (living on earth in these seemingly separate bodies), then she’s your guide. Start with her first […]

Dude, I Had Anxiety! pt. 2

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I wrote the first part of this story here. In it, I described having the whole pounding heart/tight chest thing before a music gig that was different than most of the gigs that I play (video cameras and all eyes on us as opposed to background music at a restaurant or bar). The main point was […]

Dude, I Had Anxiety! pt. 1

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The wildest thing happened last Thursday night… This generally peaceful therapist blogger guy had anxiety! It was so cool… So what did I do? Exactly what we talk about here at A Clean Mind! Why do something else? I let it be there with no story, no mind chatter. And it took a couple of […]

There’s Nothing In The Water

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I was visiting a college friend in Virginia earlier this summer, and he said there must be something in the water where he lives. Lots of people our age, which is around 40 (don’t tell…), were getting divorced. The form of the breakups varied. Some had cheating, for instance, and some did not. Some looked […]