Deferred Maintenance

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I was at a friend’s crib recently and he asked me to help him fix something. (And yes, the slang version of ‘crib’ has been one of my favorite words for like fifteen years now.) I’m not the handiest tool in the shed, but all I had to do was hand him some things while he […]

Tool: The Wise Old You

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I’ve said many times here that I’m always looking for tools and techniques, specific things that help us snap out of the stress of the moment and see things with more clarity. A great one is to picture a wise, old you in the future, long past whatever situation is currently happening. As I tell […]

The Thinker

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A friend recently asked me to write about people who think too much. This is because she thinks too much. I said that’s funny timing, because “The Thinker” is already on the list. Two other friends had recently described themselves as “thinkers,” as in they know that they think too much as well. I said […]