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December, 2012

Friend On Bike Hit By Car

I received news recently that a friend from college had been hit by a car from behind while riding his bike. Although it’s just the beginning and things haven’t played out all the way yet, I think that this story is something that we could all learn from. It involves acceptance and dealing with anger, [more…]

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Situational Depression

Good and bad are always around the corner on earth; this is true for every human. In other words, sometimes life sucks. That might sound depressing at first, but upon closer inspection, it’s actually a pretty good thing to go ahead and accept. That way when things go south, we don’t resist and make an [more…]


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I’ve written about Thanksgiving and the holidays in general, as well as not waiting for life to slow down for you to slow down. Now we write about the culmination of the holidays for many people, Christmas. I know that New Year’s Eve is a week later, but that seems like it’s more about just [more…]


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Is Your Life Always Hectic?

Does it seem like your life is always fast-paced and hectic? Do you find yourself waiting for life to slow down before you can relax a bit? That’s definitely been a pattern for me over the years. And then at some point it occurred to me that it doesn’t really ever seem to slow down. [more…]

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Young Client Teaches Mom How To Release!

I have a female client who is in middle school. I definitely don’t work with young children, but I’ve been testing the waters with younger and younger people to see if they can grasp what I teach – feelings and thoughts, feelings and thoughts, feelings and thoughts. This particular client had some stressful things going [more…]

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Premonition Dreams

I mentioned premonition dreams in a recent blog post, Answer Comes In A Dream, pt. 2. This is not meant to be anything exhaustive about the subject, but rather just a taste. Actually, it’s more a recounting of a mind-blowing dream experience that a good friend of mine once had. There’s plenty of material out [more…]


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All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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