Am I Qualified To Judge?

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Things happen all the time that we don’t want to happen. Big things might include death, disease, divorce, injury, and job loss. Smaller things might include spilling the spaghetti sauce on the counter or being slightly late to an appointment. Humans are sponges from the time we come out of the womb, learning things all […]


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I think it was literally within the last couple of years that I made the connection between Thanksgiving and giving thanks. Since I was born, I had always done the same thing on Thanksgiving – go to my aunt and uncle’s house with lots of family and eat a big turkey meal in the early […]

The Holidays

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Welcome to another round of the holidays, folks! I recently had a client come for a pre-Thanksgiving tune up, and I have more who will be coming in for the post-Thanksgiving decompression. And Christmas will be the same. One client was scheduling her next appointment for the week after Thanksgiving, and I asked her if […]

Dealing With A**holes

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A friend recently asked if I had ever written about how to deal with a**holes. Hey – her words, not mine. In the interest of cleaning up our language here at A Clean Mind, let’s call them AHs. There, that sounds much better. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say, “people who are […]


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We’ve all experienced “venting,” both as the giver and as the receiver. Venting when someone is basically complaining about something in their life they’ don’t like. It can be pretty annoying. A little bit is fine, but the habitual venters need something very important – a quick education about what venting is and why they’re […]

Grief And Loss

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A friend in her twenties is about to lose her step-mother, with whom she is very close, to cancer. The news of the cancer first came about several months ago, so it hasn’t been very long. Then yesterday the doctors said she only had a few days to live. My friend is having a tough […]

Religion 101

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Today it’s time to talk about everybody’s favorite non-controversial topic, religion! Next we can talk about sex and politics… These are really just some very general thoughts about religion, but they’re pretty healthy to ponder. My take on the world’s main religions is that they were all started by someone who knew what was up. […]