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September, 2012

Going With The Flow

Life is so much smoother when we flow with it rather than against it. Resisting life is like holding a cat by the tail and petting it backwards – not very fun and a great way to get mauled. I love that image for some reason, by the way – it really gets the point [more…]

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He Got It!

I had quite an amazing session with a client recently. Why? Because he got it! When he came in the first time, he had been feeling low and depressed for about a year and a half. A couple of big things had happened at that time that shook his self-esteem. He wasn’t his old self [more…]

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I Totally Drove My Car Into A Flood

As I mentioned in the post on timing, I drove my car into waist deep water in broad daylight a few months ago. Now I will come clean with what went down. This story illustrates how a person who makes his living teaching people how to be as peaceful as possible might handle such a [more…]

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It’s Just A Brain State!

Earlier this year, I read a book called Wired For Joy by Laurel Mellin that was very interesting. There are two main points that I think most people could benefit from. The first involves something called neuroplasticity, which is a property that our brains have. Simply put, it means that your brain has the ability [more…]


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This is a pretty big one, because we think we know what’s best and when. But if we really take an honest look, we don’t. For instance, I drove my car into waist deep water in broad daylight a few months ago (it was this strange flood in Pensacola). It was instantly dead. That’s a [more…]

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I’ve noticed lots of divorce recently, so I thought I’d write about it. But before we begin, let’s keep in mind that the spiritual teachers would say that no person or relationship defines who you are or has anything to do with your true worth. So that’s nice. Here we go… There are supposedly around [more…]


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This is for people who have experienced some type of “breakdown” or know people who have. It’s probably more common than you think. It can be known as a “nervous breakdown,” a “psychological break,” or just a “break” for short (don’t you just love therapy slang?). These are all umbrella terms, though, meaning that the [more…]

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Out Of Gas

This post illustrates A Clean Mind in action with something that seems trivial. It’s a great example of something small that can be the seed that grows and contributes to our being stressed out later in the day. But instead we can just whack it right then and there. Here we go… After having my [more…]

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All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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