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Wait, I’m The 3rd Best PSYCHIATRIST in Pensacola?!?

So we have an “alt-weekly” newspaper here in Pensacola that I love called the inweekly. Every city needs one of these to stir the pot, by the way. And they’ve actually stirred up some major scandals and such over the years that the main paper here missed. They’re also way into arts and culture and [more…]

How Is My Approach Different?

I’ve often said that what I do with clients is a different way to do counseling or therapy. I don’t even really call it counseling or therapy, in fact; I call it fast growth or transformation. And is there any stigma associated with fast growth or transformation?? Thankfully, NO! Quite the opposite, in fact. And know that [more…]

Counseling vs. Psychiatry

Hello good folks, today let’s talk about counseling versus psychiatry just so everybody is clear about who does what. Psychiatrists are full-on medical doctors, and they typically prescribe medications to their patients to help them feel better. Counselors, on the other hand, talk to their clients to help them feel better (and just for the [more…]

After One Session, Client Doesn’t Cry During a Math Test!

I love the times when a client has a major accomplishment after only one session. And not crying or freaking out during a math test for the first time in your life is absolutely a major accomplishment! And this is someone that’s beyond high school, so we’re not talking about a first grader that’s only [more…]

Update: Sports, Race, Death Threats, and Your SOUL!

So I just wrote about the whole kneeling during the national anthem thing that’s been going on in sports here in the US, particularly in football and soon to be basketball. Well, I saw yesterday that some of these athletes have been receiving death threats. Death threats? For kneeling during a song? Yay, America!! That’s [more…]

America, Football, Race, and… Listening??

A pretty cool story has been developing here in the US over the last couple of months, and it has evolved in a way that warrants us talking about it for a bit. Because people of opposing viewpoints actually sat down and talked. And listened. And changed, evolved. A cousin of mine has been lamenting for [more…]

Introducing… A Clean Mind 3.0!

Hello again, good folks! It’s been a hot summer here in lovely and magnificent Pensacola, so I gave the staff at A Clean Mind the month off. We have exciting things on the horizon, though, including a rather interesting award that I’ve won. It’s still a secret, though, so I’ll let you know as soon [more…]

Book: Dying To Be Me

Hello Good Folks. So we got The God Post out of the way, and then we talked about these deeper feelings of peace that supposedly live inside each of us, underneath our old pain and wounds. Now let’s talk about the amazing and transformative book that I’ve recently mentioned, Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani. Because [more…]

Do I Have To Meditate?

Someone read my recent post called Plugging In and was somewhat turned off, because she had certain ideas around what she thought of as “meditation.” What popped in her head was super formal meditation with spine straight as a board and possible back pain. She reread the post, though, and realized it wasn’t really about that. I’m glad she honored [more…]

Bookending Your Day

Hi folks, I’m going to attempt to write a short blog post today. No promises, though. I think tried it once before, maybe a year ago. And, well, I guess I forgot… But this one will be perfect, and super powerful, too! Because we’ve been getting into some seriously powerful stuff recently, and this is [more…]

All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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