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Relationships: Can We At Least Be Friends?

Here’s a quick post about relationships. As in husband, wife, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend – those relationships. It seems like I’ve had lots of clients recently who are having a tough time with their relationships. A really tough time. They’re always fighting and arguing. I couldn’t imagine living that way, because I decided not to twenty [more...]

Low Moods

I recently told you about a friend who needed a daily reminder to breathe, relax, and get out of her head. We decided to make her car be her sanctuary. After all, remembering is usually the hardest part. No big deal, this is only because we’ve been living a different way for so long. This naturally [more...]

My Self = My Sanctuary

I recently wrote about a friend who really needed to learn to chill. We discussed how our feelings are actually coming from our thinking and not from the outside world itself. Remembering can be the hardest part, so we needed something specific to remind her on a daily basis. Since she’s a busy person and [more...]

Tool: My Car = My Sanctuary

This is pretty cool. In fact, I can’t believe I didn’t think about it for myself years ago. Or maybe I’ve been practicing this anyway? Who knows, who cares. Here we go… So I was talking to an awesome friend recently who is stressed out. I was helping her see that how she feels actually [more...]

Hallelujah, Client’s Religious Views Improve!

I teach a couple of classes a week at an inpatient rehab near Pensacola called Gulf Breeze Recovery. I’ve written a little bit about it before. The paperwork wore me down, so I’m not seeing clients there anymore. It’s heavily regulated by the state, so it’s not their fault… I’d say a bit too regulated, though. All [more...]

Anxiety Specialist??

A client came to see me for anxiety issues. She was having panic attacks at work that were messing up her job attendance and performance. We made good progress right away, slashing some of the anxiety from the weeks before. It ended up being tied to her husband, who doesn’t seem like the best guy from [more...]

Do You Really Live This Way??

A client and I were in the middle of our first session, and we were covering the usual mind-blowing stuff about thoughts, feelings, letting go, relaxing, etc. Letting go and relaxing even when you’re busy and even when you’re making tough decisions. Just practicing this and doing your best. Because you still have to do [more...]

An Update

Hi folks, long time no talk! May this find you well. Just a quick update here. I think I’ve told you that I’ve been working about half time at a very powerful place called Gulf Breeze Recovery (GBR). It’s an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab where people go for a minimum of six weeks. I’ve learned [more...]

In A Rush?

Hi folks. Before we talk about how leaving five minutes earlier can change your life, let’s check in real quick on the Talk Nicely To Yourself For Two Weeks, Dammit! Challenge. It’s been about three weeks, in fact, since I invited you to talk nicely to yourself… for just two weeks. Did you remember? That’s often the hardest [more...]

Just Try It!

Last week, I wrote about talking nicely to yourself. This can literally change your life in no time flat. Really. It can be a MAJOR game changer, so this is a fairly gentle reminder to try this out. Just try it out. For two weeks. Two weeks. What do you have to lose? I’ll tell you what you [more...]

All anybody really wants is peace. The good news is that peace can be learned. I’m serious. This should be taught in middle school, but it’s not. So I’m teaching it now.


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